This site examines the impact of competitive self-interest (as pervasively promoted by market-based economic theory) on our traditional idea of a moral compass.



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  • Market Morality & Civil Society

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    This book outlines the fascinating history of one of the most profound, yet little heralded change in the way humans organise society. The attempt to place the market at the centre of society is nothing less than a rejection of potentially millions of years of thought, philosophy, teaching and tradition.

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View the analysis for an explanation of the results and implications. The results provided a roadmap for the ThankUbank initiative.

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Almost anywhere you care to look our freedoms are being eroded, curtailed and restricted in the name of security. There are now cameras on almost every street corner, in shops and in our workplaces. Our schools are starting to resemble places of incarceration rather than places of nurturing, learning and higher education. New laws are [...]

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